Tadpole Gaskets

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Tadpole Gasket Overview

Davlyn Tadpole Gaskets are designed to provide high-temperature thermal seals in a variety of applications including commercial and industrial ovens and dryers, boilers and industrial furnaces.  Constructed of stainless steel knitted wire or fiberglass rope core/bead, over-braided with the highest quality fiberglass, our tadpole gasket provides a high-temperature thermal seal in environments with a maximum continuous operating temperature of 1000°F (540°C).

Tadpole Gaskets Quick Reference


  • Type E Fiberglass
  • Type 304 Stainless Steel


  • Knitted stainless steel hollow core, over-braided with fiberglass

Recommended Operating Temperature

  • 1000°F (540°C)

Size Range

  • Up to 3/4" (19.1mm) Core/Bead diameters


  • Commercial, Residential, Industrial Ovens
  • Wood/Pellet/Coal Stoves & Fireplaces
  • OEM


  • Oven/Stove Door Thermal Seal
  • OEM Equipment Thermal Door/Enclosure Seal

Custom Options

  • Custom Design, Core/Bead
  • Colors (Gray, Anthracite, Black)

Davlyn’s tadpole gaskets are made from Type E Fiberglass & Type 304 Stainless Steel which are durable and easily withstand high heat temperatures. These tadpole gaskets are often used in commercial, industrial, residential, fireplaces etc. Some quick references are:

Custom Tadpole Gaskets for Your Design Requirements

There are a number of variables that need to be considered to ensure proper tadpole gasket selection.  Our vertically integrated manufacturing and engineering capabilities allow us to design, prototype and produce the optimal solution, in the minimal timeframe.  Although Davlyn offers “standard” tadpole gasket product configurations, we welcome the opportunity to develop a custom gasket around your design requirements.   In collaborate with your team, we review fit, compression and dimensional requirements to create a tailored gasket solution to your specific design challenge.   Ask us about the Davlyn 4D Process!

Davlyn Tadpole Gaskets are available in core/bead diameters up to 3/4″ (19.1mm).  Contact Davlyn to schedule your initial design Discovery meeting with our engineering team.  Available in gray, anthracite (with enhanced color retention technology) and black.