Product Overview

Davlyn Hydrowick™  is designed to remove excess water with minimal surface disruption. The proper installation of Hydrowick can improve the drainage of water up to 39× faster than without, quickly eliminating standing water and soggy ground. Hydrowick’s fiberglass element uses capillary action to move water to and through the open stainless-steel core. Providing significant flow capacity, it will not become constricted by fine soil particles.

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Hydrowick Quick Reference


  • Golf Courses
  • Sports Fields
  • Commercial and Residential Landscaping
  • Living or Green roofs
  • Hardscaping


  • Drainage for golf course greens and fairways
  • Residential and commercial drainage
  • Water management under patios and behind retaining walls
  • Proper drainage for gardens and flowerbeds

Superior Technology

  • US Patent: US8100604B1
  • When properly installed drains standing water up to 39× faster than without and 2× faster than traditional pipe-based drainage systems.
  • Provide fast, free-flow drainage by passive capillary action
  • Hydrowick’s unique construction drains and removes water that is not accessible with a conventional pipe system
  • Alternative to expensive French drains

Fast Reliable Installation

  • No conventional drainage excavation or complicated pipe systems
  • Minimize playing field downtime
  • Minimal grass recovery time