Fiberglass Sleeve

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Fiberglass Sleeving Overview

Davlyn Fiberglass Sleeves are constructed with high-quality Type E fiberglass. These heavy-wall knitted or braided fiberglass sleeves provide the highest level of thermal performance. Rated for 1000°F (540°C), they act as pipe, hose, and cable protection sleeve providing an excellent thermal barrier.  Type E fiberglass will not burn and resists most acids, alkalis, bleaches, and solvents.  Our saturated expandable fiberglass sleeve provides increased abrasion resistance and exceptional expansion capabilities for installation over fittings.

Fiberglass Sleeve Quick Reference


  • Type E Fiberglass


  • Braided
  • Expandable Braided
  • Knitted

Recommended Operating Temperature

  • 1000°F (540°C)

Size Range

  • 1/4" (6.4mm) through 6" (152mm), depending upon specific product


  • Transportation (Aerospace, Auto, Locomotive, Heavy Equipment)
  • Metals, Iron & Steel
  • Hose Fabrication
  • OEM


  • Wiring, Hose and Cable Heat & Flame Protection
  • Insulation/Heat Containment

Custom Options

  • Vermiculite or Saturant Coatings
  • Heat Treated
  • Expandable Version
  • Special bulk packaging to maximize productivity/minimize waste

Our braided fiberglass sleeve is made of Type E Fiberglass and protects hose and cable from high temperature heat. Some quick references include:

Braided Fiberglass Sleeve

Davlyn’s braided fiberglass sleeving provides flexibility, durability and thermal containment.  Braided fiberglass sleeves can be heat treated to burn off surface binders and minimize off-gassing and smoke often encountered during initial high-temperature exposure of untreated fiberglass.  Braided fiberglass sleeve can also be coated with a saturant to minimize fraying and increase abrasion resistance or a vermiculite coating which provides the same benefits of saturant with the added benefit of enhanced performance at temperature extremes.

Knitted Fiberglass Sleeve

Davlyn’s knitted fiberglass sleeving provides a more economical thermal protection solution while still providing exceptional thermal protection/containment.  Knitted fiberglass sleeves can often time be provided in longer bulk lengths than braided sleeves due to the manufacturing process, thereby minimizing material handling & wastage and maximizing process productivity.

Expandable Braided Fiberglass Sleeve

Davlyn’s expandable braided fiberglass sleeving is specially constructed to provide maximum flexibility and expansion (up to 2X relaxed diameter) to accommodate installation over fittings, couplings and other in-line obstructions that inhibit standard sleeves.  Saturated expandable braided fiberglass sleeve is manufactured with a saturant coating to minimize fray and increase abrasion resistance.

Davlyn fiberglass sleeves are available in sizes from 1/4″ (6.4mm) through 6″ (152.4mm) dependent upon specific product.  Braided, expandable braided and knitted constructions are available.  Vermiculite and saturant coatings are available for braided sleeves.