Davlyn innovative products and services have maintained us as a global industry leader for over 35 years. With U.S. manufacturing facilities in Spring City, PA and Independence, VA, Davlyn produces high-quality knitted, braided and custom fabricated fiberglass, silica and basalt products. We expertly craft these fibers into ropes, tapes, sleeves, gaskets and custom products for use in a wide variety of applications across the breadth of industrial and commercial industries.  Our extensive coating capabilities allow us to produce Davlyn Silco™ brand silicone coated ropes, tapes and sleeves, as well as vermiculite, PTFE and acrylic saturant coated fiberglass products.

When you have a thermal challenge, our goal is to provide the optimal product with the minimal lead time. If we don’t already have it as a standard product in our extensive inventory, our vertically integrated team works with you using our Davlyn 4D Process to create it! We bring more than 100 years of Textile, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering experience with over 35 years of Manufacturing expertise to collaborate as members of your team.

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