OEM Industry

Davlyn in the OEM Industry

Over 40 Years of Industry Service

Davlyn has been providing thermal protection solutions to manufacturers of Industrial Furnaces, Ovens, Boilers and other high temperature heavy-duty equipment for more than 40 years from our Spring City, PA and Independence, VA manufacturing facilities. In addition to our comprehensive scope of standard and custom products, Davlyn provides the high level of product quality and supply consistency that elite equipment manufacturers demand.

  • Hose and Cable Heat & Flame Protection
  • Worker Life Safety
  • Oven, Stove Door Thermal Seal
  • Enclosure Thermal Seal
  • Welding & Brazing Curtain/Shield
  • Exhaust Wrap/Sleeve
  • Kiln Car Thermal Seal
  • Custom Tailored Shields, Covers & Shrouds

Davlyn as your Industrial OEM Partner

From our Silco™ silicone-coated fiberglass firesleeves, tapes & ropes to our custom fabricated products, Davlyn has a product solution for your OEM thermal challenges.   Over the past 35 years, our products have been utilized by OEM’s on everything from Industrial Ovens to 3D Printers.  Many of the world’s premier OEM’s partner with Davlyn because of our commitment to continuous quality, on-time delivery and personal service.  We work with you to define your requirements, not only for optimal product performance, but for optimal operations efficiencies.  We can provide kitting, stocking and other custom services, tailored to your specific needs.  The “right” packaging and logistics can dramatically influence your in-house labor time and costs.  We work with your team to optimize all aspects of the process.

Engineered, Custom Solutions

In addition to our standard products, Davlyn has in-house engineering and custom fabrication capabilities for providing solutions to the most demanding thermal challenges.  In collaboration with your team, we review your application, performance requirements and all product options to find the optimal solution.  Ask us about our Davlyn 4D Process!

Typical Materials

  • SILICONE: 500°F (260°C)
  • FIBERGLASS: 1000°F (540°C)
  • BASALT: 1382°F (750°C)
  • SILICA: 2000°F (1090°C)
  • CERAMIC: 2300°F (1260°C)