Hose Fabrication

Davlyn in the Hose Fabrication Industry

Over 40 Years of Industry Service

Davlyn has been providing thermal protection and heat sleeve solutions to the Hose Fabrication industry for more than 40 years from our Spring City, PA and Independence, VA manufacturing facilities.   When the hose fabricators and distributors need Firesleeve, Firesleeve with Hook & Loop closure and Expandable Fiberglass Sleeves for their assemblies, they continue to come to Davlyn. We provide a long-lasting, high-quality heat sleeve for hose.

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  • Hose and Cable Heat & Flame Protection
  • Insulation/Heat Containment
  • Worker Life Safety

Davlyn Silco Products are the Hose Fabrication Industry Standard

Davlyn Silco™ silicone-coated fiberglass firesleeves and tapes have become an industry standard with their ability to deflect a molten metal splash while providing constant radiant heat protection up to 500°F (260°C). Our heat sleeve for hose fabrication protects wires from melting and is capable of reducing radiant heat. Silco Sleeve® Firesleeve is the hose fabricator’s first choice of heat sleeve to protect their hose assemblies.  Silco Shield® Firesleeve with Hook & Loop closure provides excellent heat protection while allowing easy retrofitting of existing cables and hoses.   Davlyn expandable fiberglass sleeves are also used for thermal protection of hoses where molten splash is not a primary concern.

Davlyn’s heat sleeve for hose protects hoses from external heat damage, increasing the life of the hose and preventing heat related breakdowns.

Silco End Seal Wrap is a self-adhering silicone tape that allows the fabricator to seal the firesleeve assembly ends with an aesthetically superior and better performing finish to liquid end dip products.

Engineered, Custom Solutions

In addition to our standard products, Davlyn has in-house engineering and custom fabrication capabilities for providing solutions to the most demanding thermal challenges.  In collaboration with your team, we review your application, performance requirements and all product options to find the optimal solution.  Ask us about the Davlyn 4D Process!

Typical Materials

  • SILICONE: 500°F (260°C)
  • FIBERGLASS: 1000°F (540°C)