For over 40 years, Davlyn has been providing innovative products and solutions across the breadth of commercial and industrial markets. From home appliance to space exploration, Davlyn products continue to keep heat in its place.

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As the original innovator of the clip oven gasket, we have set the standard for thermal gaskets in the residential and commercial oven industries. Davlyn Silco™ brand silicone coated fiberglass and steel products are used throughout the Metals, Oil & Gas, OEM, Hose Fabrication and Transportation industries while our fiberglass ropes, tapes and tadpole seals continue to be a favorite for fireplaces, pellet and wood stoves, barbecues & smokers in the Home & Hearth industry.

Most importantly, our ability to engineer, create and deliver custom solutions has made us a true leader in thermal containment and protection products across all industries where heat is a serious design challenge. Ask us about the Davlyn 4D Process!

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